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Famous Gladiators

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Roman history is packed full of stories of their most famous gladiators. These fighters were the global sports superstars of their day, remember. The only difference being that you did not abuse the referee during a match, as it might result in you being fed to the lions. Do you need to know this if you are a fan of the Gladiator Slot? Yes! It´ll add to your enjoyment of the game, trust us!

These hard men fought for their lives in, huge arena before blood thirsty crowds. The most famous arena was the Colosseum in Rome, of course. Famous Roman gladiators, whose legends live on include Spartacus, Emperor Commodus, Flamma, Thrimpus, Spiculus, Rutuba, Tetraides, Priscus, and Verus.

Spartacus (c.109 BC-71 BC) is perhaps the most famous gladiator of all time, and his legend has been secured by the blockbuster movie epic of the same name, starring Kirk Douglas. He was a prisoner of war and a slave from Thrace and was sent to Gladiator School near Capua. In later life, he used all the skills that he had learnt from the army  to fight the Roman army itself helped by other gladiators mostly from Gaul.

Flamma, a Syrian was another world famous Roman gladiato. Flamma fought over 30 times and won over 20 fights in his gladiatorial career. Then there's the legend of the two fihters Priscus and Verus who fought each other for so long in the arena that they both submitted to the other at the same time. Emperor Titus ended up sparing both men's lives and they were free to leave with their shackles off.

E the Roman emperors fought as gladiators, such as Emperor Commodus, Caligula, Geta, Julianus, Titus, Hadrian, and Cracalla. Emperor Commodus (c. 177 -192 AD), fought as a Secutor, and is said to have won over a thousand gladiatorial combats during his lifetime- although how much of this is exaggeration we will never know. 

Roman gladiators were the heroes and superstars of their day, but most of them lived short lives- that was the price they paid for their career.