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Gladiators UK TV Series

If you grew up in the 90s in Britain, or watched TV in the UK in the 90s, you will remember the TV entertainment show called simply: Gladiators. It was produced by LWT (London Weekend Television) for ITV, and aired from the end of 1992 to the beginning of 2000. 

gladiators tv showThe idea was developed from the US show: American Gladiators, and the British series resulted in similar formats in Australia and other parts of the world..

John Fashanu and Ulrika Jonsson were the original presenters, and then rugby player Jeremy Guscott took over in 1997. Fashanu made another appearance for the last series in 1999. 

John Anderson also became pretty famous as the ref. and the timekeepers over the show's run were Andrew Norgate, Derek Redmond and Eugene Gilkes. John Sachs was the show's commentator, and the series was accompanied by its own group of cheerleaders, known as G-Force.

If you wanted to take part in the show, you had to prove your fitness with a series of tests.

gladiators jetContestants squared up against Gladiators such as male viewers' favourite Jet to the left in a number of activities to score points which were then used to decide who had the advantage in the final Eliminator. The difference between the two contestants' scores were divided by 2 to work out what head start they would get. So, for example, a contestant who ended up 12 points ahead of the other contestant, would start the eliminator with a 6 second head start.

Contestants from all sections of society went into battle on TV against a 'Gladiator' in a number of events in order to build up points for the final head to head. Generally, there 4 contestants would appear in each episode, two men and two women, (except for charity or celebrity specials), and each contestantr would compete in 5 or 6 events.

Example of games were the likes of Swingshot, Atlaspheres, Sumo Ball or Dogfight. 

Each season began with 32 contestants, from which 16, 8 and then 4 were selected for the grand final. We are still waiting for a Gladiator Video Slot with the Wolf and Ulreka in it! Playtech? Microgaming? Anyone?!