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Types of Gladiators

There were gladiators and gladiators, if you get our drift. One of the reasons why gladiatorial contests were so popular in Ancient Rome, was because they were influenced by peoples and tribes from around the Roman World and its fringes- fighters from all over the world who bought different weapons, and protective armour with them.

And the organisers of the events were adept at putting on a show, matching different types of gladiators together to create the most entertaining and evenly matched fight. And their aim? To make it to the Wembley of the day- Rome´s Colliseum (which is the scatter symbol in the Gladiator Slot game).

 Different gladiators had different weapons and tactics.The most common were the Thracians, Mirmillones, Retiarii, and the Secutores.

Gladiator Types and Tips on How to Fight Them

Protected by chainmail they wore visored helmets without eye holes. Grumpy in the mornings. Do not approach.

Armed with a spear or knife, these gladiators fought animals - they didn't live that long. Distract by doing a little dance. Then run.

Fought with two-swords. Avoid these gladiators. They have no mercy.

Fought on horseback with a spear and gladius. Normally only ever fought other gladiators on horseback to even things out. If you haven't got a horse and you are in a ring with one of these forget it. just get it over with quickly.

Celtic influence charioteers, probably first imported from Britain. Best course of action- supply them with free beer the night before. A hungover Essedari is easier to fight the next morning.

Hoplomachi or Samnites:
Fully loaded, and influenced by the Greek hoplites. They wore helmets and fought with a spear with a small round shield. They often were pitched against Mirmillones or Thraces. You need to arm up against these guys, preferably with some automatic weapons.

Used a rope and noose. Keep your neck out of the noose would be our best advice.

Wore helmets and an arm guard. Fought with a gladius and a shield in the style of fighters from Gaul (think Asterix and Obelix!). Often fought Hoplomachi or Thraces. The only advice here- kick them in the unmentionables. Then run.

Often pitched against Samnites. If you see one of these guys a good strategy is to run away.

Had a trident, a dagger, and a net, and usually fought to the death against secutores or mirmillones. Keep your distance or you'll get caught in the net like a bee in a spider's web.

Bowman on horseback. Get an animal or you're finished. A horse rather than a cow preferably. Camels and elephants are quite good against Saggitarii

Fought with oblong shields and a gladius, often trying to kill retiarii. Don't dress as a retiarii if you find yourself in a lift with a secutor.

Had a broad helmet that covered the whole head, and a small shield, and two thigh-length greaves. The Thracian curved sword, or the sica was the weapon of choice for these fighters. Liked nothing better than to slay mirmillones or hoplomachi. Profess to never having met or laid eyes on a mirmillones or hoplomachi.

Velites: foot fighters, armed with a spear or javelin. Dangerous when mad and within range. Avoid.